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2017 Tomorrow River Horseshoe League Rules and Regulations

  1. $25.00 Entry Fee payable to Whitetail Lanes.
  2. Open roster.
  3. Matches will start at 7:30 PM on Wednesdays. Visitors warm up at 7:15PM.
  4. Teams consist of 3 two-person teams. Teams may only substitute after the 6th game. Subs must be new players to the match and can only sub for one team.
  5. Match consists of 9 games, 5 or more games must be won to get a 6-pack.
  6. Each game is played to 21 points.
  7. Home team rotates. Rotation 1-2-3, 2-3-1, 3-1-2. Visitors stay 1-2-3.
  8. Player may shoot for only one team in Wednesday Night League.
  9. The peg is to be 13-15 inches above the ground. All pits must have cement approaches and angle irons in place.
  10. All players must shoot from the beginning of the front most part of the foul boards. Player 60-69 of age are allowed one step in front of the foul board. The back foot cannot cross the foul line. Players 70 years and older are allowed to shoot no less then 30 feet from the peg.
  11. Shoes hitting the front or back iron are dead. Shoes hitting the sideboard are live.
  12. A live shoe hit by any dead shoe counts. Dead shoes will be pulled.
  13. Home shoes will measure points. Both points of the shoe must touch a straight edge in line or Beyond the peg to be a ringer. Measure from the outside of the homes team’s shoe for points. Each team must have a straight edge. Only receiving team shall make the call. Decisions to be make in 2 minutes or less or it will be ruled a tie. If a wrong shoes is thrown, all 4 shoes are dead.
  14. Home tavern will receive $30 from each team, $36 for 6 packs, $24 for party fund.
  15. Make up games must be completed with 2 weeks. If there is a scheduling conflict, Whitetail Lanes will set a date.
  16. A 30-foot mark from the peg for women players must be provided for those who which to use it. Spray paint, lime, etc. can be used.
  17. NO CARRY-INS (will be enforced by forfeit of games). Bars will mix 6-pack (12oz. beer /mixed rail drinks/domestics only) at a 6-pack price of $12 during Games.
  18. This is a handicap league. No Handicap for the first week. After week 1, 1 point per position in Standings. Bye Teams will automatically receive 5 wins. Maximum of 7 points for handicap.
  19. Handicaps and Standings will be posted weekly on Whitetail Lanes Facebook page.
  20. Party and trophy night will be at Whitetail Lanes….. Sept. 6, 2017 @ 7pm.
    Players, subs, and sponsors are invited. 

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