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Dine In/Carry Out available

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Monthly Food Special

February 2018

Open Face Tuna Melt

On a Poolish Baguette topped with tomato, Provolone and Sharp Cheddar cheese. Served with potato chips & spear.

$ 8.49

February Food Special


  1. Setting on the Serve is Allowed as long as it is Not a lift
  2. Blocking on the Serve (NO Downward Motion) is Allowed
  3. NO Spiking on the Serve
  4. Balls, Including the Serve, may be retrieved from the net provided other rules are not violated
  5. NO Double Hits
  6. NO Carrying
  7. NO Touching the Net
  8. MUST Wait for Whistle on the Serve


  1. A Team Roster must be filled out and returned before season starts.
  2. Open Roster – Once you play for one team you can not switch to another team
  3. A coin toss will be used to determine which team will serve, receive, or which side of the court it wants at the start of the first game. Teams will exchange sides between games and the loser of the previous game will serve.
  4. A game is complete when a team scores a total of 21 points.
    (Rally score – Every play has a point). A team must win by two points or cap of 23. There will be one point awarded for each game won for your record. There will be three games to a match.
  5. Players can Substitute for another team (once per night).
  6. Each game must start with at least 4 players. Each game is to be played with same number of guys and girls. Team can play with more girls than guys. If less than 4 players and/or uneven guys/girls for games will proceed, if ok’d by opposing team. Only one guy and one girl may sub from another team.
  7. Games will start at 7:00pm. There will be a 15-minute grace period. If team is not there by the 15 minutes grace period, the first game is forfeited. If team doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes of scheduled game, all three games are forfeited.
  8. The team receiving the ball for service immediately rotates one position clockwise after side out, except on the first serve.
  9. Whitetail Lanes will provide a referee. Referee has final say.
  10. Rain or Shine unless lightning.
  11. The team with the most wins at the end of the season will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, no playoff games will be done. Prize money will be split.
  12. Sponsor Fee: $75.00 per Team
  13. Player Fee: $75.00 Unlimited amount of players/subs
  16. All Players must complete and sign a waiver statement.
  17. Please turn in $150.00 (Sponsor and Player Fees) and Player Waivers all at once prior to first scheduled night.

Thank You!!!!!

Upcoming Events

Feb 24 2018 : Genesee Depot Band
May 20 2018 : 9 Pin 55 Tournament

Beverages On Tap

Miller High Life
Miller Lite
Central Waters Shine On
New Glarus Spotted Cow
Sprecher Root Beer

Open Bowling

  • Monday - 11AM to 5 PM and after 8:30 PM
  • Tuesday - 11AM to 6 PM and after 9 PM
  • Wednesday - 11 AM to 6PM and after 9 PM
  • Thursday - 11 AM to 6 PM and after 9 PM
  • Friday - 11 AM to 6 PM and after 9 PM
  • Saturday - Call for Times
  • Sunday - All Day

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