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Wednesday Night Bucks 2014-2015 Schedule

Week 27 April 01

Lanes 1/2: Nicholson Construction vs Venus Gentlemen's Club
Lanes 3/4: JG Plumbing vs Doug's Sports Bar
Lanes 5/6: Club Orlow vs JD's Pub
Lanes 7/8: The Tail vs Busch Light

Week 28 April 08

Lanes 1/2: JD's Pub vs The Tail
Lanes 3/4: Club Orlow vs Busch Light
Lanes 5/6: Doug's Sports Bar vs Nicholson Construction
Lanes 7/8: Venus Gentlemen's Club vs JG Plumbing

Week 29 April 15

Lanes 1/2: Venus Gentlemen's Club vs Doug's Sports Bar
Lanes 3/4: Nicholson Construction vs JG Plumbing
Lanes 5/6: JD's Pub vs Busch Light
Lanes 7/8: Club Orlow vs The Tail

Week 30 April 22 Position Round

Week 31 April 29 Fun Night! No points


Friday Nite Bucks 2014-2015 Schedule

Week 28 April 03

Lanes 3/4: Rephil's 2 vs Rephil's
Lanes 5/6: Zenith Builders vs Deep Freeze
Lanes 7/8: Hintz Pallet vs Whitetail Lanes

Week 29 April 10

Lanes 3/4: Hintz Pallet vs Zenith Builders
Lanes 5/6: Rephil's 2 vs Whitetail Lanes
Lanes 7/8: Rephil's vs Deep Freeze

Week 30 April 17 No points

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Food Special

April 2015

Baked Mac & Cheese

Baked "3" cheese mac & cheese. Served with garlic toast. Add fajita chicken or ham for $1.00.

$ 6.99


Monday Night Tacos

Served from 4 PM - 10 PM

10 soft or hard shell tacos and a pitcher of beer or soda for $ 10.00 (Ordered in groups of 5)

Taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, and onions, served with sour cream and taco sauce.
Monday Night Tacos

Dine in only


Saturday's Only

16" Pizza's

Fresh Made Self Rising Crust
1 Pizza will serve approximately 4 people 

More Details...
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