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Tuesday Night Businessmen 2014-2015 Schedule

Sept 23

Lanes 1/2: Heartland Farms vs Bucks in Rut
Lanes 3/4: Doug's Sports Pub vs WPS
Lanes 5/6: Lake Emily Inn vs Johnny's
Lanes 7/8: Stockton Bar vs Whitetail Lanes

Sept 30

Lanes 1/2: Johnny's vs Whitetail Lanes
Lanes 3/4: Lake Emily Inn vs Stockton Bar
Lanes 5/6: Doug's Sports Pub vs Heartland Farms
Lanes 7/8: WPS vs Bucks in Rut

Oct 7

Lanes 1/2: Lake Emily Inn vs Doug's Sports Pub
Lanes 3/4: Bucks in Rut vs Whitetail Lanes
Lanes 5/6: Johnny's vs WPS
Lanes 7/8: Heartland Farms vs Stockton Bar


Wednesday Night Bucks 2014-2015 Schedule

Sept 17

Lanes 1/2: The Tail vs JG Plumbing
Lanes 3/4: Venus Gentlemen's Club vs JD's Pub
Lanes 5/6: Nicholson Construction vs Busch Light
Lanes 7/8: Club Orlow vs Doug's Sports Bar

Sept 24

Lanes 1/2: Venus Gentlemen's Club vs Busch Light
Lanes 3/4: Club Orlow vs JG Plumbing
Lanes 5/6: JD's Pub vs Doug's Sports Bar
Lanes 7/8: Nicholson Construction vs The Tail

Oct 1

Lanes 1/2: Doug's Sports Bar vs The Tail
Lanes 3/4: JD's Pub vs Nicholson Construction
Lanes 5/6: Club Orlow vs Venus Gentlemen's Club
Lanes 7/8: JG Plumbing vs Busch Light

Oct 8

Lanes 1/2: JD's Pub vs Club Orlow
Lanes 3/4: Busch Light vs The Tail
Lanes 5/6: Doug's Sports Bar vs JG Plumbing
Lanes 7/8: Venus Gentlemen's Club vs Nicholson Construction


Thursday Night Casino 2014-2015 Schedule

Sept 18

Lanes 1/2: Amherst Chiropractic vs Ghost Team
Lanes 3/4: Whitetail Lanes vs DQ
Lanes 5/6: Wolding Rollers vs Crazy B's
Lanes 7/8: Perfect Fit Pro Shop vs Ambrosia's

Sept 25

Lanes 1/2: Whitetail Lanes vs Crazy B's
Lanes 3/4: Perfect Fit Pro Shop vs Ghost Team
Lanes 5/6: DQ vs Ambrosia's
Lanes 7/8: Wolding Rollers vs Amherst Chiropractic

Oct 2

Lanes 1/2: Ambrosia's vs Amherst Chiropractic
Lanes 3/4: DQ vs Wolding Rollers
Lanes 5/6: Perfect Fit Pro Shop vs Whitetail Lanes
Lanes 7/8: Ghost Team vs Crazy B's

Oct 9

Lanes 1/2: DQ vs Perfect Fit Pro Shop
Lanes 3/4: Crazy B's vs Amherst Chiropractic
Lanes 5/6: Ambrosia's vs Ghost Team
Lanes 7/8: Whitetail Lanes vs Wolding Rollers


Friday Nite Bucks 2014-2015 Schedule

Sept 19

Lanes 3/4: Hintz Pallet vs Deep Freeze
Lanes 5/6: Zenith Builders vs Rephil's 2
Lanes 7/8: Rephil's vs Whitetail Lanes

Sept 26

Lanes 3/4: Whitetail Lanes vs Zenith Builders
Lanes 5/6: Rephil's vs Hintz Pallet
Lanes 7/8: Rephil's 2 vs Deep Freeze

Oct 3

Lanes 3/4: Rephil's vs Rephil's 2
Lanes 5/6: Deep Freeze vs Zenith Builders
Lanes 7/8: Whitetail Lanes vs Hintz Pallet

Oct 10

Lanes 3/4: Zenith Builders vs Hintz Pallet
Lanes 5/6: Rephil's 2 vs Whitetail Lanes
Lanes 7/8: Deep Freeze vs Rephil's

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Food Special

September 2014

1# of Smothered Wings

1 pound of wings smothered in your choice of the following: Buffalo, Teriyaki, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, or Inferno. Served with potato chips and celery.

$ 7.49

September 2014 Food Special

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